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Cassie RydingDirector

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Why I Joined Alvarez & Marsal

The passion, dedication, and teamwork I developed from my days as a young gymnast to my time as a collegiate student-athlete have impacted the professional I am now. Today, I draw inspiration from my new team at A&M CRG and am excited to see the impact we will have on the consumer and retail industries.

At an early age I showed an interest in how businesses worked and what made a business successful. In fourth grade, I started my own company, Cassie’s Video Creations, where I used iMovie to put people’s pictures to music. On my ride to elementary school, I would often read the front page of my Dad’s copy of the Wall Street Journal. But my first true passion was athletics, which has had a significant impact on the professional I have become today.

Growing up as a competitive gymnast, I learned to handle pressure at an early age. There are not many experiences that can compare to calming your nerves as you flip on a four-inch wide balance beam that is four feet off of the ground. Time management became important to me as I learned to balance my homework and studying between 20 hours a week of practice. In high school, I transitioned to track and field, and eventually committed to Dartmouth’s Division I program. Being a collegiate student-athlete requires passion, discipline, and dedication. After graduation, I quickly saw that the skills I developed growing up as a highly competitive athlete set me up well to be a consultant.

During the recruiting process for A&M’s CRG group, I immediately recognized the sense of strong community and team atmosphere that I loved during my time as an athlete.

CRG is a team of dynamic and intellectually curious coworkers who push each other to perform at their best. One of the aspects that excited me most when joining the group was that the mentorship and coaching that I valued in sports runs throughout the culture of CRG. Senior colleagues are eager to invest time in molding the next generation of talent.

Another aspect that drew me to join CRG is the opportunity to help develop a new team in our fast- paced work environment. I was looking for a place where I would always be faced with new challenges and continue to grow and improve as a professional. As an athlete, there were always new skills to learn or personal records to be set, and the same can be said for your professional career. The satisfaction from helping a client succeed has now replaced the feeling of winning a big meet. I am extremely excited to be a member of the CRG team and to see what our team will accomplish in the future.

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