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Thank You: To the Supportive People
of A&M

When most people start their dream jobs, reality can often disappoint.  However, in my nearly 7 years at Alvarez & Marsal, my dream job of being a “retail management consultant” has far exceeded my expectations, largely due to the people I have had the opportunity to work with.

After a brief but frantic hospital visit, I was no longer a normal 12-year-old girl.  Being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes meant that my pancreas had gone out on strike.  This often under-appreciated organ is responsible for regulating insulin and glucose levels in your body, which is the key driver in converting the food you eat into energy (you know, pretty important stuff!).  With my pancreas no longer cooperating with me, I learned to check my blood sugar, count carbs, give myself shots, more-or-less manually perform the complex operations of an organ all while attempting to be a normal pre-teen.

Life is not always easy, and it is rarely fair, but we have a choice to push through the difficulties and develop into stronger people.

As technology advanced, with the inventions of continuous glucose monitors and insulin pumps with algorithms,  management became easier but we have still fallen short of a cure. My load has certainly lightened but it is still a load, nonetheless. Of the many choices we have in life, we get to choose who we surround ourselves with; sometimes we are lucky enough to find genuinely good people who care enough to share our load.

While working at Alvarez & Marsal, I have been fortunate to have tremendous support without needing to ask.  After a delayed flight and skipping lunch to run to a meeting with a CEO, I had a coworker meet me at the door with a protein bar, knowing my blood sugars would drop if I didn’t eat.  When late-night work sessions ran through dinner, another coworker always made sure I had a snack handy (and possibly share).

Whatever your situation, it is important to advocate for yourself. However, if you find people who care enough to advocate for you, understand and appreciate their value.

Choosing to work for Alvarez & Marsal was obvious – we do challenging work that makes a meaningful impact on the companies and industries we work with.  The decision to continue working at Alvarez & Marsal for nearly 7 years is completely attributable to the people I’ve had the privilege of working with.

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